Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (Geol 370)

Geol 370 01 Syllabus 13_09_12

Course Schedule Fall 2014

Lecture PowerPoints

Topic 1: Introduction to Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Topic 2: Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks

Topic 3: Introduction to Sedimentary Structures – Part 1       Part 2

Topic 4: Classification of Sandstone

Topic 5: Classification of Conglomerate

Topic 6: Classification of Mudstone

Topic 7: Classification of Carbonates

Topic 8: Less Common Sedimentary Rocks

Topic 9: Facies Models

Topic 10a: Fluvial Systems – general concepts

Topic 10b: Meandering Fluvial Systems

Topic 10c: Braided Fluvial Systems

Topic 10d: Anastomosing Fluvial Systems

Topic 10e: Alluvial Fan Systems

Topic 11: Eolian Systems

Topic 12: Glacial Systems

Topic 13a: Shoreline Systems – general concepts

Topic 13b: Beach and Barrier Systems

Topic 13c: Tidal Systems

Topic 14a: Deltaic Systems

Topic 14b: Fan Delta Systems

Topic 15: Clastic Shelf Systems

Topic 16: Deep Sea Fan Systems

Topic 17: Carbonate Depositional Systems

Topic 18: Paleogeography and Systems Tracts

Topic 19: Principles of Stratigraphy

Topic 20: The Stratigraphic Code

Topic 21: Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy



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