Idaho/Wyoming/Utah Cretaceous Stratigraphy


Stratigraphy of the Utah/Idaho/Wyoming thrust belt is a relatively new pursuit, spawned, in part, by my now living in southeastern Idaho.  My interest is primarily in the sequence-stratigraphic signature of Lower Cretaceous terrestrial deposits and was piqued as I noticed very general similarities between depositional cycles in the terrestrial Gannett Group near near the Idaho/Wyoming border and the mostly fluvial section I studied as a graduate student in Upper Cretaceous deposits of the Kaiparowits Basin, south-central Utah.  My intent is to document this cyclicity in an undisputed purely continental succession and relate it to initial movement in the Sevier Thrust Belt.

Early Projects:

To date, I have supervised a couple of undergraduate senior theses and am now assisting one of our former students, who has taken this on as an M.S. thesis at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette.

I am approaching the problem from two angles: 1) a traditional study involving measuring, correlating, and interpreting closely-spaced stratigraphic sections and 2) developing a GIS data base that incorporates materials from previous studies.  These materials are being georeferenced and hot linked to topographic base maps.  Measured sections of earlier workers that have not been previously drafted are being entered into SedLog and added to the database.

Presentation Links:

Pugliano, T., Nielsen, S., & Little, W.W., 2012, Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Lower Cretaceous Gannet Group, Caribou Mountains, Southeastern Idaho: Abstracts and Program for the 2012 Rocky Mountain Rendezvous of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Laramie, WY.  (Poster)


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