My primary interests and background are regional correlation of terrestrial strata in tectonically active areas, application of sequence stratigraphy to terrestrial deposits, distinguishing the relative importance of eustasy and tectonics in the development of terrestrial sequences, base-level controls on fluvial geomorphology, and response of foreland basin fluvial systems to the initiation and development of Sevier- and Laramide-style uplifts.


  • Sequence stratigraphic analysis of Early Cretaceous continental deposits in southeastern Idaho/ southwestern Wyoming  (Details)
  • Sequence stratigraphic study of isolated Paleozoic sand bodies (previously described as Pennsylvanian filled sinks) encased in carbonates in central and eastern Missouri (Details)
  • Studies using a self-designed stream table/wave tank to create a sustainable meandering stream system and model stacked coastal depositional sequences (Details)
  • Bedrock geological mapping of highly-deformed Paleozoic carbonate rock bodies in the Beaverhead Mountain Range of southeastern Idaho (Details)
  • Relationship of woody debris orientation to flow direction in modern fluvial systems (Details)


  • Application of sequence stratigraphic principles to determine the relative roles of tectonics and eustasy in Upper Cretaceous fluvial deposits of the Kaiparowits Basin, south-central Utah  (Details)
  • Reconstruction of Lake Bonneville shoreline features in Utah and Idaho


  • Using the Book Cliffs, Utah as a case study to teach concepts of sedimentology and stratigraphy (Details)
  • Integrating undergraduate courses (Details)
  • Building idealized stratigraphic sequences (Details)

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