Field Studies & Geological Mapping

20+ years experience conducting field studies.  Significant background and projects include:

  • Currently conduct professional field courses on sequence stratigraphy in the Book Cliffs, Utah.
  • Influence of tectonics and eustacy on alluvial architecture, Upper Cretaceous strata of the Kaiparowits Basin, UT:  An early attempt (1990s) to apply sequence stratigraphic concepts to a purely continental succession while attempting to distinguish between thrust belt tectonics and eustatic sea level fluctuation in the development of stratigraphic successions.
  • Bedrock and surficial materials mapping: Conduct all aspects of geologic mapping from field work to final map preparation, using modern GIS techniques in both units.  Have published 11 full 7.5′ quadrangle maps.
  • Geomorphology of Lake Bonneville deltas:  Mapping of remnant Lake Bonneville shoreline features at three major lake levels from Spanish Fork, Utah to Preston, Idaho, a distance of 160 miles, to reconstruct ancient delta morphologies and determine major factors responsible for their development.
  • Past Director for the State of Missouri Surficial Materials Mapping Program.
  • Creator/Director (for 10 past years) of the BYU-Idaho geological field camp.
  • Have mentored undergraduate seniors as part of the USGS EdMap Program.
  • Have produced bedrock geological maps for all of the Missouri National Guard sites
  • Have taught graduate courses in advanced geological mapping at the University of Missouri – Rolla (Now Missouri Institute of Science and Technology)
  • Have conducted Geohydrologic investigations of potential hazardous waste sites.

If you have a project in mind, please use the contact form to make an inquiry.


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